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marty-200X230 From the Desk of Marty Ettington-The Founder of the International Longevity Center:


The International Longevity Center in Los Angeles has been established as a unique blend of alternative health and scientific approaches to holistic health and was founded by the Author and Entrepreneur Marty Ettington for people – who are serious about living a longer, healthier life.


Complementary alternative medicine and life extension methods have become increasingly popular among Americans over the past several years as an important factor for individual patient care and for the health care system as a whole.


The good news is that health breakthroughs in longevity are accelerating. The bad news is that all available information is highly biochemistry or nutrition centric driven by the revenue oriented health industry.


But our longevity research shows exactly, that our body, mind and soul needs more mindfulness to build up Personal Longevity, listen up people…biochemistry and choosing the right nutrition alone does not do the job of building up personal longevity ! PLUS there are tons of great literature and individual courses out there focusing on new age topics like yoga, holistic mindset building or natural food awareness –

But the problem is there is no one training program combining holistic and medical health training all in one place with the goal to completely cover…

all for Personal Longevity  building principles !

Courses and Seminars about how to leverage and build up Personal Longevity either do not exist or are still very hard to find. Improvement seminars in order to build better longevity in our entire body, mind and soul system as immediate usable, actionable learning programs and personal implementation plans, but –


This is EXACTLY what our Longevity Center is concentrating on.


“Not only are our workshops one of the first worldwide programs with clear step by step instructions on “How to build Long Term Health and Personal Longevity”, but they are also one of the best sources around for learning how you really can prolong your life 10, 20 or more years” –Marty Ettington, Founder of the International Longevity Center Los Angeles

All biotechnics aside, we should not overlook the huge opportunity that already exist for consciousness-expanding and life enriching experiences by tapping into our inner body, mind and soul resources, in order to leverage our full human potential for building up our Personal Longevity.


Our small team of scientists, engineers, self-experimenters, and early adopters are continuously researching within the fields of long term health, longevity, medicine, and many other related fields to generate expert advice, expert research, and expert guidance within our Longevity workshops.


On a continuous basis we are applying this knowledge to develop long term health and personal longevity learning programs for individuals and educational employee health programs for organizations, including providing information for the aspect of government planning and optimization perspectives like nursing home planning.

But we would need your support to take it up a notch now, in order to bring our scientific based information about “How to build Personal Longevity” within  workshops & seminars to the world !


Chronic Disease Prevention & Treatment


How about instead of having to deal with chronic illness, to have perfect long term health, incredible relationships, a career you love, a life filled with happiness and enough life time to fulfill your bucket list ?


The center sees itself as a important “Think Tank” and learning supplement for knowledge on optimal health and longevity within our society. During the Long Term Health and Personal Longevity workshops and seminars, matters like Chronic Illness, and many other health concerns are addressed in a breakthrough way, that bridges the gap between cutting edge science and holistic /alternative medicine, aiming to help people in unique holistic ways to cure their chronic illness patterns, resulting in improvements from being weak, having more energy, bringing individuals from feeling old and frankly or just getting ready to die to developing new long term health and longevity patterns !

We think this is important in our society.

Results of 10 Years of Research

More and more we are finding out there are many things we can do to not only avoid illness, but to actually reverse it! Your body is designed to heal itself naturally and then keep you healthy—IF you know how to do it. With each biological discovery, the human species climbs one step further toward gaining complete control over its own life processes. 50 years ago the average lifespan was 50 years, now it is more than 75 years. For every year we live more, we have the chance to enjoy our being on this planet more, especially as we are responsible custodians of its environment.

Based on our research we believe our potential to live long lives may be unlimited from both historical records and from current scientific research. The following video is about 14 mins long and shows persons from 120-250 years old.

While it took 10,000 years for humans to figure out the structure of DNA, it only required a little over 50 years to map out the entire human genome! Genes are the cell’s “operating system,” enabling young healthy cells to function flawlessly. Gene expression is unfavorably altered as we age, which is what ultimately causes us to degenerate and eventually die. If one looks at the rapid technology advances we enjoy today, the probability of conquering aging can be easily analogized.

Just think of the progress that has been made in other fields:

• From counting on fingers to supercomputers.

• Riding on horse and buggies to flying on jet planes.

• Waiting for the pony express to instant email.

• Stage plays to satellite TV.

In our Longevity Center we strive to achieve further funding which enables us to finance ongoing scientifically based longevity projects while laying the groundwork for our center location in the not-too-distant future.

Unique Workshops on “How To Build Personal Longevity”

The Personal Longevity Program

At the personal development learning center we offer workshops and seminars teaching individuals and health professionals the Personal Longevity Program (PLP) – a comprehensive series of 10 courses which teach students from 18 to 80+ about how to achieve long term health and personal longevity from different aspects of Spiritual and Scientific knowledge.


The PLP-Program represents one of the world’s first complete personal longevity development course programs, summarizing the latest methods to achieve long term health in combination to providing a precise guide to introduce and advance every health seeker’s knowledge in the methods of how to achieve personal longevity. The course program provides a unique and science based perspective on how to build long term health and longevity, including all course elements in one integrated workshop:

Student Benefits

• Specific learning processes build the students long term health and personal longevity awareness and capability to extend the personal lifespan like never before

• In the workshops we provide a unique way of helping the trainee/student with step by step teaching, along with demonstrating and explaining the 10 principles of longevity, so the trainee/student will understand these complicated matters by the end of the training as never before and reach an in depth level of understanding.

• A step by step method to assess total physical health which is unique worldwide.

• We help trainees to communicate with their inner world like never before, based on one of the first worldwide training resources to solve and resolve beliefs about long term health and life extension such as:

• To make changes in current lifestyles

• To manage right nutrition levels

• To develop a deep understanding of unconditional love behavior

• Harmonizing their own energy system to leverage and maximize long term health

• Life extension longevity abilities by facilitating adequate training around these topics.

• Provide worldwide unique Long term health and personal longevity Metrics.

The Courses are available in different life workshop/seminars or as online training:

Our Longevity Blog

Our founder of the Center has established one of the worlds most frequented BLOGs on Long Term Health and Longevity. (Click on the image below to check it out)

Our Mission

Our center’s mission is to bring the science of Personal Longevity Development to the world, so that each person has the opportunity to “maximize their lifespan” by making better physical and non-physical life choices, in order to be able to achieve long term health and the highest longevity possible in their life. Our objective is to teach people from 18 to 80 to help to stay healthier, look better, feel younger and live the longest life possible.


It includes workshops and seminars about the history of the search for longevity methods, to provide case histories are given of long lived persons over the age of 150 years old, stories of many other persons who may have lived thousands of years, long lived plants and animals, what science says about the search for longevity, a theory about how your physical health relates to your spiritual health, practices to grow spiritually and increase your vital forces, practices to improve your health and longevity, supplements to improve your body’s health and longevity, how to avoid accidents and many more.

Step by step Learning Features and Benefits

Our Course program is right for people, who are open minded about spirituality and alternative therapies to improve their lives and who have a desire to find their life purpose and focus their lives more on what their true paths should be.

The Program offers unique beneficial aspects. Our seminars and workshops around the topic personal life longevity provide a unique step by step guidance and personal longevity training, as it equips every student with a scientifically researched but easy to comprehend learning framework, to understand the necessary 10 health principles of building personal life longevity.


See a small sample of our Non-Physical Profile spreadsheet below:


In addition to our workshops for individuals seeking to control aging better, our objective is to develop and provide health professionals with methods to teach their new and existing patients, students and clients how they can enable themselves to live in vigor, health and wellness for the longest period of time possible.

Our advanced Certificate Program provides Health Care Professionals with a foundational knowledge in Personal Longevity, as integrated approach to care, addressing the whole person: mind, body, and spirit, using a unique step by step approach with a focus on meeting the patient/client where they are.


Participants gain a broad understanding of how to utilize lifestyle approaches to improve health and wellbeing (including: nutrition, mindfulness long term health and longevity planning and physical activity), techniques to both motivate change and reduce stress, along with a solid knowledge of ongoing self-care assignments to establish a longevity training baseline and energy work.

Educational Goals


  • Health Professionals learn to acquire motivational interviewing skills to support successful lifestyle and behavior change in clients/patients.
  • Learn how to measure non-physical and physical health analytically and use our processes in order to get regular feedback to improve health and longevity profile over time
  • Learn about a merging of alternative/holistic and traditional medical health knowledge so the student can enjoy the best of both health perspectives in his life.
  • Learn a unique spiritual transformation process related to long term health based on longevity meditational and transformational learning exercises, so the student can relieve stress, be more centered and bring the spiritual blueprint of perfect health down into your body.
  • Learn our unique research on very long lived persons so you know what is really possible for a healthy long life, since others have done it before.
  • Become part of a community of people learning about and getting involved together in the best total health practice Discuss whole health/lifestyle factors including: environmental factors, nutrition choices, levels of and ability to be resilient to stress, dietary supplement usage, physical activity, and personal relationships.
  • Gain a broad understanding of the range of beneficial health approaches available to patients, including lifestyle, mind-body, and complementary and alternative therapies. Develop strong patient interviewing skills to support a whole-person approach.
  • Work effectively with and clearly communicate with integrative medicine clinicians regarding client/patients health.
  • Develop self-care techniques, goal setting and attaining strategies to improve one’s own health and wellbeing.


Course work will include the following topics: Stress & Long Term Health; Longevity Self-Care; Motivational Interviewing; Healing Relationships Mind-Body; Spirituality, Mindfulness, Mental Health Lifestyle Approaches: Nutrition, Longevity Movement, Micronutrients and Common Dietary Supplements Complementary & Alternative Approaches: Long Term Health and Longevity Therapies, Energy Therapies, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chakra, Ayurveda, and Homeopathy

Our Vision

Every choice we make in dealing with complicated societal boundaries like continued financial world issues, climate and environmental change, political corruption, energy, or food and water crises, affect all of us, and it seems to me like we are almost the first generation that can really influence the choice whether or not our humanity is going to survive well or not.

We believe, that with the right set of long term health and longevity planning, within a powerful combination of psychological, spiritual, vital forces, and physical principles, many chronic conditions, aging fears, and other societal future concerns can be addressed in a positive way and cured by changing to a more conscious lifestyle, which is the key for change.

In doing so, we empower ourselves to have unlimited support for the creation of all that is life affirming, life enhancing, and life expanding – we believe that we all can change the world by reorganizing our lives to align ourselves with the intention to consciously positively evolve and begin co-creating a world of a more positive personal freedom for us all !

Planned Move To New Location (Use of funds)

Please support this scientifically grounded and positive movement. We did a reality check of our business fundamental needs and here it is below… We have already everything lined up, a great concept and a great team…, we just need YOU to make it happen, so we can actually start the move in our center. With funds raised, we can purchase equipment, pay business permit fees, make a lease down payment for the first half year, establish workshop readiness in the new building and pay for all costs which are involved for the new location start up. We will have expenses for professional services (lawyer, accountant, consultant, space designer, etc.), permits and inspections, beginning inventory, marketing, pre-opening labor, etc. We also want to set aside operating capital to pay bills, our employees, and ourselves a bit, until the International Center becomes profitable. Expenses anticipated include personnel, marketing, sales, legal work on contract agreements with our provider network, accounting, and admin expenses.

WISHLIST Building Number One:

We spotted an absolute charming and great enough office building to lease space for our new Center location. It is on 18411 Crenshaw, Torrance, CA 90504 within the Los Angeles Metro Area. See a picture of it below…

We have checked several buildings and other center project plans and we are confident that we have now a realistic range of costs even beyond the expenses for equipment, fixtures, furnishings, and contractor labor.


To estimate possible future business performance of the first international center is not an easy task, as there is much to compare with for now. But we project a high number of average workshop signups, and the number of expected students that will visit our courses each day, as we hope will show growth month by month. Other new age related chains have already proven that they are able to grow month by month with their programs

. We have determined within our monthly financial projections possible loss or profit that can be expected from the business and we are planning to set aside a capital reserve to cover any projected monthly losses, so that your business can keep operating as we strive for profitability

. We have checked several project plans and we are confident that we now have a realistic range of costs even beyond the expenses for equipment, furnishings, programs and workshops and contractor labor.

What we have already achieved:

• We have formed a management team

• We have developed our longevity training curriculum

• We have developed the design for the new center

Why we need your support

Now, we are here on INDIGOGO because our current location has limited space availability and as we are growing we also really could need your help to secure a bigger location for the Longevity Center, so we can run more long term health research and personal longevity seminars and workshops in a bigger way for you. By supporting the first of its kind Longevity Center in America, you would help to accomplish…

• That everyone get’s a chance to leverage and develop their own long term health and personal longevity to its maximum,

• To create a real chance to help improve consciousness about long term health lifestyle in our society and lower our high healthcare tax burden.

My team and I want to invite you to support our efforts – it really needs YOU to accomplish that consciousness-expanding and life enriching experiences change in our society.

All that is only possible, if my team and I would be able to establish and open the new International Longevity Center and build it up as a great location. Thank you for your time and attention.

Founder and CEO of The International Longevity Center A Personal video message from the founder of the Longevity Center:






We think we have developed great rewards for you, but we believe that participating at these campaign to support more personal freedom on our planet is something, which relates to all of us anyway, as we all want to life greatly and as long as possible.


Please consider supporting with your own useful new year’s resolution… Donating to us could be the best investment you make in your own health and wellness! See below…


To say thank you for your attention to our project please choose from the following rewards, we hope to match your “personal taste”.


For your $5 support we will send you for free right away after your contribution with email…

• Our complete 10 Lessons Personal Longevity Program E-Course on How to build up Long Term Health and Personal Longevity,

• A valuable E-book on happiness and enlightenment (Amazon retail value $10),

• Plus you automatically qualify for our drawing for a free LONGEVITY T-SHIRT (Retail value $16.90).


The LONGEVITY T-SHIRT has several THEMES, see below, just let us know your favorite…(You can choose the color) tshirt


· All rewards from the $5 rewards,


· Plus receive the 10 PRINCIPLES OF PERSONAL LONGEVITY BOOK for FREE (Amazon Retail Value $39.90!) as downloadable e-book. You can download the book immediately after your donation. Thank you ! Learn how to master and control your own health. This book is the result of five years of research on longevity. It consists of the 10 principles of a Holistic Philosophy which will improve your long term health, have improved happiness, and extend your longevity. You can start immediately to…

* Apply methods to look and feel younger and slow your aging exercises

* Learn long term health practices to live to 150 years and beyond

* Live to accomplish all of your goals in life

* Continue to be very active when you are much older See more information on the book at:

We will send you right away after your contribution a free Long Term Health and Longevity Capability Status Assessment ! With this easy to use extended baseline survey spreadsheet you will be able to determine your current physical and non-physical health status, which will help you to implement the 10 principles on Personal Longevity. All in one easy download file.



This groundbreaking Ebook by Martin Ettington on Personal Freedom will be released to the general public within the first quarter of 2014.

The Chapters in this new Ebook include:

* Do we need more Freedom?

* Our Reality Boxes

* What is Personal Freedom?

* Why should we want to Change?

* Personal Freedom Patterns

* Some Ways to Initiate Change

* Changing Ourselves on the Inside

Plus for your contribution you qualify to enter into the drawing for a complete free Personal Longevity DVD Home Study Course (Retail value $450!) We will send you BY email a Report on Longevity Coaching as Career


· You get all rewards from the $25 rewards plus · You as $50 reward backer will get a LIFE UNLIMITED T-Shirt – Your choice ! · You also get a free copy of the EBook “Longevity Improvements from Science”

· Enjoy an 30 minutes extensive introductory video overviewing the 10 principles

· We will email you also our four key video exercises to help you improve your long term health, reduce the severity of chronic illnesses and how to achieve longevity. This valuable information contains…

o Cell Regeneration—how to remove toxins and regenerate your cells

o Crown Chakra-To help you open your crown and take in vital forces

o Heart Rose-To open your heart, take in energy, and improve your immune system

o Visualize Your Future-A visualization exercise to help you set your positive imagery for life extension


· All rewards from the $50 rewards plus · The Healthier Living Ebook Package–over 25+ eBooks on natural foods and natural health practices

The Healthier Living e-Book Package is a series of e-books designed to help you lead a happier, healthier and longer life. Consists of over 25+ eBooks.


· All rewards from the $79 rewards plus · Guided Meditation Audio Series With this powerful Meditation tracks, you will not lack a single thing when it comes to understanding the intricate secrets of achieving your goals and supplying that tool to others.

This Audio Contains these great meditation tracks…..

* Healing Meditation – Audio Meditation For Accelerated Healing

* Higher Power Meditation – Audio Meditation For A Greater Relationship With Your Maker

* Potential Meditation – Audio Meditation For Unleashing Your Hidden Potential

* Quiet The Mind Meditation – Audio Meditation For Ultimate Relaxation * Serenity Meditation – Audio Meditation For Achieving Peace And Oneness 

$335 REWARD·

All rewards from the $148 rewards plus · A ONE YEAR free registration for the 10 course Personal Longevity Training monthly Subscription program.

This Reward includes the basic version of all 10 Personal Longevity training courses. The Course contains over 30+ hours of audio visual content. This valuable online training is normally available for $20/mth but you will get full access to it as a reward for your contribution. We will send you the online access login code right away after your contribution with email.



· All rewards from the $335 rewards plus

· One hour of personal longevity coaching from the founder Martin K. Ettington

In the first coaching session Marty will create a first baseline profile intake with you to understand what your physical and non-physical mind, body and soul health status looks like.

This includes a list of questions about your psychological limiting beliefs, spiritual, and vital forces aspects of your life. Once the profile is established, then Marty will work with you on your unique and specific personal questions or issues you have, which will then lead to specific recommendations and exercises for you regarding your life purpose and will provide you with specific positive mind exercises to break out of the “programmed shells” we normally live inside of. The coaching appointment with Marty Ettington can be either online as Skype meeting or as in-person meeting within a Los Angeles Metro Area venue only. You can schedule a convenient time with Marty by phone.

$1000 REWARD

  • All rewards from the $499 rewards list plus
  • You get our complete Personal Longevity DVD Home Study Program

This convenient home study Longevity program (Retail Value $469!) is your ticket to long term health and Personal Freedom. The entire DVD Home Study Program contains all exercises on… -How to develop a new healthy lifestyle to live healthier and longer -How to implement the 10 principles into your life -How to measure results to show improvements in your overall health over time -The latest scientific research in therapies which help improve your own health and longevity -24/7/365 email support service to you from our Longevity Team Within the Personal Longevity DVD Home Study Program you can earn a new approach to total long term health and longevity which combines the best of holistic practices and medical science on longevity !


Plus to support your Home Study efforts, you get an additional two more hours of longevity coaching from the founder Marty Ettington.


$5000 REWARD

· All rewards from the $1000 rewards plus · you will get 20 additional hours of personal longevity consulting plus · A free one year gold subscription to the all-new Long Term Health and Longevity Concierge Subscription Health Service of the Longevity Center, after it has been launched within the first quarter of 2014. · All 28 of Martin Ettington’s Spiritual and Longevity related Ebook This Reward represents an altogether Retail and Concierge Health Service value of over $8000 !

What this new Long Term Health Concierge service is all about: Normally students of Longevity within our International Longevity Center can become subscribers to a monthly Subscription Health Service, normally for a one year period within different levels like Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Levels. Our Center team has a baseline profile completed of every student which covers their psychological, spiritual, and vital forces parameters and includes a blood panel. (The 10 Principles of Personal Longevity).

Our Longevity Coaches will work with the student/client to recommend lifestyle changes to help their non-physical health while our licensed medical doctors review the blood panels and other measurements to diagnose conditions and make medical recommendations as needed. Additional support and new profile reviews are done periodically to measure client changes to help them get on and stay on a path for optimum total health.

In person and online support to answer your questions and to provide continual new materials and updates are complimentary services. What you get:

For your generous $5000 support, you will get the highest possible Concierge Health Service possible, which is the PLATINUM SERVICE LEVEL, to develop your long term health and longevity with one of the best services currently available on the longevity market; here is what you get… The Platinum Service: (Normal retail value $499/month!) The Personal Longevity Home Study DVD Program

greentickA printed copy of the book “The 10 Principles of Personal Longevity”

greentickImplementation Form Baseline, review, and consulting recommendations

greentickSix Holistic Medical Doctor Visits within our Center visits to track your status

greentickEnhanced Blood Test Panel—0, 6, and 12 months

greentickToxic Metal Testing–2 tests per year

greentickVitamin and Supplement & Food Testing-Once

greentickTelomere Testing–two times

greentickMonthly Longevity Coaching from our founder Marty Ettington Access to our monthly All Subscription Health Service Client Conference call Access to exclusive online support websites with articles multimedia, and other useful support info for all subscribers

This Service has you covered with all the latest science on long term health and personal longevity !

$10,000 REWARD

· All rewards from the $5000 rewards plus

· A seat on the International Longevity Center’s Board of Directors for at least two years – YES, you can influence our Longevity Center development, if you feel a call to do so !

You don’t have to be a health professional to become a Member of our Board; every individual whether national or international is welcome, our Center is 100% open minded and diversity friendly environment.

Become a vital part of the scientific based longevity movement our center represents and join our Team.

· As official signed up Board Member, you will have full auditing rights to all International Longevity Center programs for one year

· You get full access rights to our extensive library of health and wellness eBooks and audio bundles, Spiritual and audio visual bundles worth several hundred dollars

· BECOME our V I P !

We invite you to our GRAND OPENING in Los Angeles as our special guest and if you are up to, you will cut our Ribbon and officially open our Center – HURRAY !

(*Please understand that the Center really needs all donated funds and can pay only for your flight and 2 day accommodation in L.A. in total up to $500)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is on our TEAM?

Our management team of personal trainers, doctors and health advisors are all there for holding courses on longevity and to develop personalized health plans for students and answer any question a student may have around the topic personal longevity development. (Click on the Team Images to see more details)  

Will the 10 Principles of Personal Longevity Really Work for Me?

The 10 principles are based on real research on the root causes of long term health, happiness, and longevity. Even following just a few of these principles will dramatically improve your long term health–and therefore you longevity. Our concept of the 10 principles embodies not just psychological, spiritual, vital forces, and physical health issues, but also current research in medical longevity science. Our Center’s mission is to get the 10 principles out to the world. One of the best ways to do this is through training and teaching longevity, where students learn to apply these principles to their lives and others, but it is up to the students to implement these principles into their everyday lives.    

There are many Anti-Aging centers out there, what makes our  Center different?

Not only are our workshops one of the first worldwide programs with clear step by step instructions on How to build Long Term Health and Personal Longevity, but they are also one of the best sources around for learning how you really can prolong your life 10, 20 or more years Measuring success or the need to change what you are doing is the only effective way to work on each individual’s “total health project”.

This measurement process also includes our soon to be launched long term health and longevity concierge subscription services, where students will be able to measure their non-physical and physical health and make changes as a result to improve their scores. There is already all sorts of spiritual health information of the web – why do I need your methods? Individual pieces of related information can be found elsewhere, but this is the only place where you can find it within a step by step process…. And our implementation process is pretty unique.

What are Longevity Coaching Seminars?

These are workshops from 2-8 hours where we teach about the 10 principles of personal longevity to student and how to implement them in their life. We do both in person and within online seminars.    

Why do we need donations?

There is a lot more in our plans of all the things we want to do and provide in our center, which we could not do only by bootstrapping. We really would need a bigger location to deliver all of our training workshops and proceed with our research on longevity. We also have some new longevity teaching services to launch like the fist long term health and longevity concierge subscription service in America, where students really can for the first time build up their long term health and longevity on a guided program like never before; stating this services will take a lot of our start-up dollars.

Testimonials about our Programs and Workshops:

I did not realize prior to taking Marty’s longevity course just how dependent the length of my life was on my thoughts and beliefs about age. I have only scratched the surface of this important course, and already I can see conditioned thought dissolving as awareness and scientific evidence replaces my upbringing. May may all be able to live a thousand without even knowing it ! Think of the careers I could try out! Think of the bucket list of activities I could accomplish! Think of the enlightened spirit I could arrive at if I did not have to keep starting at age zero over and over again!!–Cheryl a successful Diet Coach


Was excited to take this course to share new information with my clients in health and wellness. Was excited to see how it would benefit my health-and it has. I will incorporate what I’ve learned with all of my clients so they can understand how they can change their lives. Carmela-An experienced Life Coach, NLP, Reiki Master, and several more certifications


I was interested in the program so I can add more tools to my practice and help women achieve better health and longevity in their lives. Also, so that my clients can learn to use their intuition for safety in their lives. I learned more about people who have lived really long lives so that now I know it’s possible and the importance of my spiritual connection. It will also allow me to better help clients to develop their life purpose Kat- A certified hypnotherapist and personal life coach

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